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There are three easy ways to register:

Register On Line:
Use the form at the bottom of this page - we have a SSL Secure Ceritifcate for this website
*NOTE: initial ENROLLMENT FOR THE PRESCHOOL PROGRAM  and SCHOOL'S OUT PROGRAM IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE - please visit the Preschool and/or School's Out page to download the current Enrollment Packets for each program send in via mail or drop off at the studio

2) In person:
Stop by 835 N. 26th Street during our business hours or call us at (970) 255-6757

3) By mail
Download the forms listed below, select the classes you wish to register for, and then send your registration (you only need to fill out contact/emergency information once per family) to:      
                              Creative Avenues
                              PO Box 3647
                              Grand Junction, CO  81502-3647

General Policies:                                                                                                       

1) You may register for classes at any time (based on availability) - tuition will be prorated if you register in the middle of a billing period
2) Regular monthly programs are billed on a monthly basis and require automatic credit card billing; 15-day written notice is required for withdrawal or change from current registration (special programs require full payment on the first day of the class/workshop

3) We are not able to offer make-up classes or refund/credits fo missed arts and enrichment classes

4) Most classes have a minimum number of students required; students will be contacted prior to the first day of class if there is not enough students registered

Mail-In Registration Forms:                                                                                        

Preschool and Learning Center Enrollment:
Please download the appropriate New Student Enrollment Packet  - complete it in full and mail or drop off at the studio; space is limited and you will be contacted if you will be put on the waiting list - follow the link below to take you to the appropriate page to download the required enrollment packet and information
     Preschool Program:  click 
     Learning Center (School's Out) Program: click HERE 
      *Note: preschool enrollment requires consistent schedule during the Fall and Spring semesters; the registration  
        calendars are for School' Out Learning Center students ONLY

All students must be enrolled in our Automatic Billing Program
          Automatic Payment Authorization Form: click HERE; (One form per family)

*Once enrolled, monthly registration calendar for School's Out Program can be submitted ONLINE by selecting dates on the online registration form do NOT need to fill out all of the contact information - just student name and dates/times you will attend


On-Line Registration Form: this website has an SSL Secure Certificate                                                

FOR ALL STUDENTS (Preschool and Learning Center):
All students must have submitted official enrollment packets to register online for monthly programs - if you are already enrolled please fill out the following on the form below to submit your monthly requested enrollment - you do NOT need to fill out all of the information:

   1) Student Name
   2) Date/Time Student will attend

PLEASE NOTE: preschool students must register for a consistent schedule in Fall/Spring sessions - flexible enrollment is only available for the Summer Session


                          Online Registration Form             

*Note: you MUST already have submitted your enrollment packet to use the online form for your monthly registration calendar for School's Out programs - if your packet is on file you do NOT need to fill out Part II just submit Part I and III    

Part I: Student Information                    

Student Name(s):     
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy) if under 18 years old:          

Part II: Emergency Contact Information              

Parent/Guardian Name(s):        
Home Phone:                               
Cell Phone:                             
Other Contact Phone:              
Email Address:    *required      
      Please include me in your email distribution list for updates/current events
           (email used for billing and business correspondence if not included in distribution list)

Emergency Contact (if other than above): 
Emergency Contact Phone:                      
Physician Phone:                                      
Any other information we should know (allergies, medical): 

Family Discount (registering more than one student):  Yes
Other discounts and/or promotions (please list):

How did you hear about us?                             

Part III: Class Selection                                                                        

Dance Technique Classes and Workshops:
Class registration for classes and workshops can be found on our sister site at
Youth Theatre Project Productions and Workshops:
Please visit the Youth Theater Project page on our sister site
for complete and current information about upcoming auditions and performance and to register for programs and productions   

Other Programs Hosted by Creative Avenues:
              Private Voice Lessons
               Middle Eastern            
*Note: for programs only hosted by Creative Avenues, your information will be given to the instructor to schedule individually and they will contact you regarding your registration and payment     



School's Out Arts Enrichment Programs:

*NOTE: you MUST have an enrollment packet on file already to use this form to submit your monthly calendar for School's Out Days; this option is not available for preschool Fall/Spring as consistent enrollment is required

   1) Please indicate the day(s) you would like to register for
   2) Please indicated the time you would like to register for
You may also print out and mail in/drop off an enrollment form if you prefer

Program Date Options: please indicate the time you will attend in the box:                            

Consistent Fall/Spring Registrations (during school year*see below for individual dates and/or inconsistent registration options
Fridays for Spring
                   *NOTE: this program will be available ONLY for siblings of our preschoolers beginning May 22, 2021                         

Summer Weekly Registration 

Select Arts-based workshop will be available for Summer 2021 (schedule and details coming soon)

Individual Day(s) or Inconsistent Registrations for Fall/Spring           
Please check on the following box if you are requesting FULL DAY registration; for half day (morning or afternoon) or other special requests please type in the large box below or download and return an enrollment calendar   
NOTE: you MUST have already submitted a complete annual re-enrollment packet for Fall 2020 to be able to secure a spot in any of the following School's Out days   

NOTE: this program will ONLY be available to siblings of our preschool students beginning May 22, 2021

Thursday, March 11             Friday, March 12
Monday, March 22       Tuesday, March 23      Wednesday, March 24
 Thursday, March 25        Friday, March 26

Friday, May 14

      Requested Dates/Times:  
Part IV: Payment                                  

Fall and Spring Friday Fun and School's Out Arts Enrichment Activity Program:

Payment is due on the 1st of each month based on your registration calendar

All students MUST be registered for our Automatic Billing Program by filling out the Authorization below:
       ~ Download the Automatic Payment Authorization (download HERE) 
      ~ Fill out information and bring it with you on your first day you attend (or in advance)

*NOTE: you are still welcome to pay with cash/check but we must receive your payment prior to the 1st of each month or we will bill your card on file
Special Classes, Programs, and Workshops (Fall and Spring):
Payment is due on the first day of attendance - we accept cash, check, and credit
NOTE: If class size is limited we may require pre-payment to secure your space in class; if you need to make partial payment arrangements please contact us PRIOR to the first day of the program

*Special Art Workshops may require pre-payment for materials - please refer to individual class listings; if required you can pay via credit card by calling (970) 255-6757

Summer Preschool and School's Out Programs:
Payment is required in FULL to secure your space in classes - payments are due at least 1 week prior to requested enrollment dates; MUST have completed enrollment packet on file to participate in these programs

PLEASE NOTE: space in these programs is limited; payment must be received to reserve your space in the programs and drop-ins are only allowed if space is available and your account is current




Security Code: 


                                A confirmation will be sent to your email address within 48 hours.  
        If you do not receive this confirmation please contact us as your registration was not received

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